What to Know Before Buying a Boat

If you’re thinking about buying a boat, the best place to start is at a boat dealership.  We recommend choosing a Marine Industry Certified Dealership to help you select the right boat for your lifestyle, maintain your boat and provide service when it’s needed.


Before you make the big purchase, it’s time to ask some questions…

  1. How long have you been carrying this brand of boat?
    This will help you understand how well the dealer knows its product.
  1. What is the horsepower range on this boat?
    Be smart when it comes to your engine selection.
  1. How fast and how far will this boat go if I have 6 passengers and a full tank of fuel?
    Most dealers should have a good feel for its boats and should be able to give you a good estimate.
  1. What kind of wake does it thrown out for water sports?
    This a must-ask question if your family is into water sports.
  1. Is my vehicle powerful enough to pull the boat?
    This is important to ask so you don’t wear out your vehicle’s transmission pulling more than it can handle.
  1. What service do you offer and what kind of parts do you stock?
    Knowing what your dealer can and can’t do up front might influence your decision of where to buy.
  1. Is your shop open on the weekends?
    The average person does most of their boating on the weekends, so if by chance you have a problem, it would be nice to know if your dealer will be open to help.
  1. Do you offer pickup and delivery for service work?
    This is more important for those who plan to put their boat in the water and only take it out to be serviced.
  1. What type of guarantee or warranty does your service center offer?
    A good mechanic should stand behind their work.
  1. Do you offer “water” trials?
    You wouldn’t buy a truck without driving it first, same goes for a boat.
  1. Will you deliver the boat on the water and offer training?
    In addition to boat safety courses, it would be nice if your dealer could offer you some training on your own boat.
  1. What else do I need to buy?
    While some items are for convenience, others are required by law.  Make sure your dealer goes over what you’re required to have on board.
  1. What is your turnaround time to call back customers?
    Knowing how fast the dealer will get back to you is good to know.

If you have any questions about buying a boat, come see our friendly staff at Captain’s Marine or give us a call at (406)755-2666.


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