Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program

mraalogoThe Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) Program helps boat dealerships deliver the best possible experience for their customers.  This certification differentiates dealers who go above and beyond to improve their business, while creating a better sales and service experience for their customers at retail.  The certification is a comprehensive process, administered by an independent, third party organization, Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA).  It involves training, customer satisfaction and follow-up protocols, employee performance measurements and facility standards.  An onsite inspection and assessment is also required.

What document outline the sales and service experience boat buyers should expect when working with a Marine Industry Certified Dealership?  

The Consumer Bill of Rights – a stringent set of guidelines that all certified dealerships employ.

What percentage of boat owners prefer buying from a certified dealership vs. a non-certified dealership? 

* 79% – Nearly 8 out of 10 boat buyers would rather buy from a certified dealership based on results from a national study by Left Brain Research, a third-party not affiliated with MRAA.

Are customers of certified dealerships more satisfied with their experience than those working with non-certified dealers? 

* A 2012 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) study conducted by Avala Marketing found Marine Five Star Certified Dealerships outperformed non-certified dealerships in all scoring categories, including demonstration of boat/equipment/features, satisfaction with sales personnel, service reputation, sales reputation, and overall satisfaction with the dealership.

 What area are dealerships evaluated on for certification? 

Certification reviews and evaluates all aspects of a dealership’s sales and service operations, while providing best practices as a means for continuous improvement.

Is a MICD certification a one-time achievement? 

The integrity of being MICD program requires annual review and validation by MVAA to ensure all requirements continue to be met (or exceeded).

How do I know if I found a Marine Industry Certified Dealership? 

Dealerships that achieve certification prominently post the Consumer Bill of Rights and the logo at their facility, as well as on their website.

safe_imageThe road to achieving dealership certification is a comprehensive process.  Dealerships submit an entry form and participate in training, webinars, process mapping, customer follow-up and employee satisfaction measures; plus, detailed documentation of all operations as well as a thorough on-site review. Certification is a voluntary program top dealers choose to undertake to improve their operations and differentiate their business from other boat dealers.

Find an online listing of all certified dealers here. 



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