Marker One


In 1968, Cobalt Boats began building runabouts to higher standards – to compromise nothing.  The Marker One division of Cobalt Boats enhances this commitment to excellence with the Platform Series, a new design in reinterpretation of the traditional pontoon.

Marker One interiors distinguish themselves by their spaciousness, their obvious luxury, and the fit and trim of finishes that only true hand craftsmanship can produce.  The Platform Series and its patent-pending power wedge structural design means the deck maintains a level feel even with the weight of a maximum horsepower engine astern.  And with an innovative hull design which features large tube diameters, lifting strakes, and chines working together in harmony, it produces a noticeably different ride with constant comfort on any water.


These boats are built by heart, in pursuit of ultimate sorts of values – refined simplicity, elegant fun, and life’s best moments.  The Marker One family continues on in daily pursuit to build not just boats, but deep personal possessions, and compromising absolutely nothing.

  • Marker One Is… Craftsmanship Without Compromise, Customer Inspired Innovation & Performance Beyond Speed.

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